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May 3, 2007
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Documentary bears witness to suffering in Palestine.
Community Audio
Mar 29, 2007 Judge John Pisansky demonstrates how to exploit the incomplete and contradictory nature of our legal system. Discussion shows how the application of game theory in our courts can prevent its exploitation. Oral decision on audio written by Judge John Pisansky. Article written by John Shearing.
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________________________People come together and form a society for the purpose of cooperating. When they do, they lower their defenses and form trust relationships to facilitate interaction and productivity. But this makes them vulnerable to predators that violate the trust in order to gain a disproportionate share of what the society produces. So there must be some deterrent against predatory behaviors or people will not lower their defenses enough to facilitate congregation and cooperation....
Topics: Judicial Misconduct, Judicial Bias, Trial Audio, Hon, John Pisansky J.S.C, Judge John Pisansky...
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